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We all make mistakes, but we all deserve a second chance!

Giving Former Offenders a New Lease on Life

Judgement-Free Offender Reintegration

Everyone makes mistakes; it's pretty much inevitable. But for some folks, their mistakes can affect every aspect of their lives. At Second Chance of Jacksonville, we believe that everyone deserves a clean slate. Our offender reentry program is geared towards helping ex-offenders overcome maladaptive behaviors and become contributing members of society.

Legal Assitant

We maintain a database of experienced legal professionals with a variety of focuses, from DUI cases to civil rights violations.

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Take an active role in changing the lives of former offenders. We're looking for contractors and community leaders to help with our current projects.

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Make a donation to our cause and receive delectable treats in return. Supporters can purchase gourmet candy bars, pizzas, or frozen desserts.

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Learn a little more about the team behind our organization. All of our efforts are possible thanks to our directors and their motivated legal advisors.

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About Us

Second Chance of Jacksonville is a nonprofit organization providing rehabilitative services that aim to help criminal offenders smoothly transition back into society. Located in Jacksonville, Illinois, our work—which includes providing educational programs and effective legal counsel—has been recognized both locally and globally. Through various criminal offender reintegration approaches, we can make your neighborhood a safer and more peaceful place to live.

By rehabilitating offenders, you're not only helping those who need it most, but you're also ensuring the safety of your neighborhood. When you help former offenders avoid repeating their mistakes, the entire community benefits. In order to better serve those in need, we even operate a physical location where people can come for rehabilitative services.

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US Chamber of Commerce

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

National Paralegal Association


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